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Importing Merit Badges (full & partial) csv file from camp into Scoutbook

Help! The ability to import csv files from Online Merit Badge camps was there (in the area under Troop Roster) yesterday…It is not there today!


That import is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. Did you change browsers?

I usually use Firefox for Scoutbook. (And was using Firefox yesterday.)

I had logged out of SB, signed back in, and looked for it a few times (before starting this thread). Just now it reappeared. Thank you!

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It sometimes takes a while for the extension to kick in, especially in Firefox. It always takes me a lot of going back and forth between the dashboard and other pages.

I have found that if you are on the dashboard page and reload the page (CMD+R on Mac and F5 on PC) it loads the feature assistant. There seems to have been a change in the way that Firefox handles extensions a few months ago, and it requires this extra step.


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