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MB import shows as Awarded but not in .csv file

The merit badges that imported imported correctly. But all the MB that were completed show as Awarded when they should only show as Approved, per the .csv file. I will not have to go back and unmark them all so I can run a report of what I need. Also, the ones that were not completed, but worked on, show as 0% completed (not too worried about that, but it is a bug).

@MaureenMellett - where are you doing this import ? Is it or internet advancement? Where are you getting the files from ? Some detail would be helpful as you have provided little to provide assistance.

Just going to the MB page will update the %. % does not run till the item is touched.

Good to know, thank you!

Again, not sure I understood there were multiple places this “could” import to.

I imported a .csv file to scoutbooks/mobile. The first few merit badges did import, and they checked all the boxes, including Approved, but they also checked the Awarded box. There is nothing in the .csv file that should have marked off an Awarded box. I flagged this as a possible bug. I will have to go in and manually unmark the Awarded flags so I can run the report and purchase the necessary badges/patches for the COH, then go back after the COH and mark them as Awarded.

Apparently by “touched” it means it must be saved in some way. Just opening it and closing it does not update the %. Resaving an already approved requirement did update the %.

there is a place in the csv for Awarded - it must have had a “1” in it to mark it Awarded.

The Awarded column is blank

Maureen, what process are you using to try to do this import? What screen are you on?

Throught the screen Stephen_Hornak screen-shotted (is that a word?) above. Importing a .csv file of advancements. I have the .csv file given to me by the CC who went to camp. I opened it and have verified that the Awarded column is blank all the way down. I looked at the example .csv file to see if I had anything that looked any different and I do not.

Advancement Type Advancement Version Date Completed Approved Awarded
Merit Badge Canoeing 2018 08-02-2019 1

Where did you get the file to import?

from Goshen camp. I reviewed it and all “appears” to be in order, according to the comparison of the examples files shown in the upload page. And I gave a screen shot of what I have (minus scout names and BSA #'s – the one difference is that Goshen gave us something different in the first column, Chain Bridge Troop 647 B, and in trying to rectify other errors I swapped out that column with scouts BSA ID #monthly-themes
I did have numerous problems with this import – this is but one of them. But seems the easiest to note as a “bug” as it is clear the column is empty.

Did you download it from Black Pug/

Never heard of it. I don’t know. I was given the file by our CC who was at camp and said they gave it to her. “I was able to pull some MB info from the Goshen database, and it claims to be in a Scoutbook-useful format that means it does not need manual input.” I received Scoutbook_Export.csv. That’s all I know. I can ask but I won’t hear for a few hours. If I need to ask please let me know what else I should be asking as I will probably only hear from her once.
Regardless, a file with no info in the Awards column shouldn’t be putting a “1” automatically in that column, correct? Again, I’m comparing the file I have against the example file and seeing no differences to explain my (many) issues…


Can you post the entire first row of the file so we can see the column titles?

Unit BSA Member ID First Name Middle Name Last Name Advancement Type Advancement Version Date Completed Approved Awarded
Chain Bridge Troop 647 B Smith John Merit Badge Canoeing 2018 08-02-2019 1

I changed the first scouts name so you can see the whole row with info. His MB showed as Awarded.

After I deleted the Unit Info and put in the BSA Member ID # the file looked like this (I opened in Excel and saved out as comma delimited):

BSA Member ID First Name Middle Name Last Name Advancement Type Advancement Version Date Completed Approved Awarded
0 Smith John Merit Badge Canoeing 2018 8/2/2019 1


Opening in Excel and saving could be part of the problem. Excel strips leading 0s and may make other changes that cause Scoutbook to have a hard time reading the file. It is usually safer to use a text editor to edit the import CSV for Scoutbook.

I would add that the value of approved is most likely be shifted one comma over to make it awarded. So it would appear that manipulation in excel is the root cause and no apparent bug with scoutbook.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound dense here, but in what text editor could I open a file with 2660 records and edit it so that I could add the BSA ID #'s and strip out other info (in this case I had to strip rank advancements because my file would not upload rank advancements). I’ve tried opening it in a text editor and it looks like an absolute NIGHTMARE. I need another solution (or another text editor).