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Add Merit Badge Quick Entry not appearing in pop-up menu

I was trying to start a number of MBs for scouts in my troop for an upcoming campout. The feature assistant indicates that there should be an Add Merit Badge quick entry for Troop or Patrol level, yet I do not see it. And I know I have used it in the past… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Screenshot 2020-03-17 10.23.45

I am using v0.45.0.5, and as you can see from the Screenshot the Add-in is loaded, since it shows me the OA and Health Record quick entry items. I am the Scoutmaster and Troop Admin and have full permissions…

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Navigate to your Dashboard and then back. It should appear after that.

The extension learns about your positions when you are on the dashboard. Opening a new tab directly to a page without going through the dashboard doesn’t let the extension understand what you can do!

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Thank you - that worked… although ONLY after forcing a reload on the Dashboard page.

I also noticed a Red alert on the Add-in icon - however there is no information on what that icon means. Once I force refreshed (I use Firefox) the red alert disappeared and the functionality started working.

It may be helpful to update the Add-in documentation to describe some of these troubleshooting steps.

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Actually, there is a troubleshooting guide in the Installation help document. Click on the icon to get to the help.

The reg flag is part of the Session Monitor feature. Scoutbook is supposed to time out after 30 minutes of activity - the flag goes red after a 30 minute timeout. It goes yellow after 25 minutes, and is green when logged in. I guess I didn’t explain those in my help documents!

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I always navigate through the dashboard, however it seemed as though the extension was not loading correctly before I forced the page reload.

I appreciate the clarification on the Red Alert icon… I had no idea! :open_mouth:

May I suggest that you update the description for the PDF Help Documents Installation and Table of Contents to include Troubleshooting. e.g. Installation, Troubleshooting and Table of Contents.

Thank you for making such a useful Add-on


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