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YPT Tracking for non-leader parents

Our troop’s goal is to have all non-leader parents YPT certified as an extension of our commitment to youth protection. With this we want the ability to track this group of parents and ensure that their YPT is current and notify them when it expires. Currently there is no way for unit leaders to pull this information from scoutnet because non-leader parents don’t fill out applications and are therefore not assigned to a unit. Scoutbook is the logical platform for this function because parents usually have accounts that are connected with their youth. I’ve used the Roster Builder to pull a list of parents to which I’ve added “Expiration Date” and “BSA#” columns.
This process is manual, messy and may be difficult to update, maintain and hand off. In an ideal world I think the following functions would be really helpful for all units:
• A “non-leader parent” roster that would list all parents that do not have an application in with BSA.
• The ability to select “my training” for non-leader parents which would show their current YPT status
• The ability to select “BSA number”. This would help us identity parents that have multiple BSA #s and lead to consolidation efforts. This would also be a great service to the parents who may not keep track of their BSA#.
• Notification of some sort when a parent’s YPT is expired which includes their BSA#

Please let me know what you think about this and if it’s feasible to incorporate some or all of these features into scoutbook.


This is really a request not to take away an existing feature. Please reconsider removing training info from Scoutbook!

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I’m sorry, I don’t understand your comment. This is not an existing feature and I never suggested removing training from scoutbook. In fact just the opposite. My recommendation is to ADD the training option in rosters to non-leader parents.

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This functionality exists today.

BSA has announced plans to remove this and all other training functionality from Scoutbook, which I think is a bad choice.

The YPT tracking for non-leader parents is part of the Feature Assistant Extension (“Show Adult YPT Status”), but the parents must have their BSA ID # entered into Scoutbook.

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AHA! I wasn’t aware of the Feature Assistant Extension. Looking at it now and I see that there has been ALOT of thought put into it so thanks for pointing me in that direction!

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YPT may be different than other training since it is a requirement for MBCs to display in a search in Scoutbook.

I have firefox and recently updated the Feature Assistant Extension. However, I still don’t see the option to “Show Adult YPT Status.” Does this only work on Chrome?

Hi, Kelly,

I just tried it on Firefox with the current extension, and it popped right up:

Are you a unit admin? I’m wondering if there’s a permissions issue associated with the report being available.

Sometimes clicking back on my dashboard helps the extension pick up your permissions.

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Yes. I am the Admin. I had added the extension about 8 months ago and installed the updates yesterday. I logged out and logged back in, but nothing changed. I’m attaching a screen print for you to see.

Weird. It looks like the extension isn’t even running. You seem to be missing several of the reports from the bottom of the list, which I believe are all extension reports.

Is Firefox disabling the extension for some reason? Click on the extension icon (top right corner of your Firefox window, blue circle in the first snapshot in this post). Then click on “Go To Help Documents”

Does it show as Version and enabled?

Kelly, as Jacob suggested, navigate to the dashboard and then back to your unit page. If you reload a page, or go to the unit page directly after logging in without first going through the dashboard, you will not see the options

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Yes I have the current version and yes it is enabled. See screenprints.


Hi Gary,
To be honest, I don’t know how to go directly to the unit page. I always go through the dashboard.

I don’t if this will help or not, but try this:

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your position as a Troop Admin.
  4. Click Update.

This should reset your Admin role. Then go back to My Dashboard and then click on your troop.

With Firefox, if the extension is just installed, you may need to open a new tab. I have seen cases where it does not install in open tabs.

That did it! I closed the tab, opened a new tab and viola, it’s there. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. Gary, you get the Gold Star for the correct answer!!