In Calander you select the relevant requirements, but it defaults to every checked requirment under rank?

In the optional Planned Advancement section you can indicate any advancement requirements will be worked on during the event. If you do select advancement to be worked on, the event will appear under the requirements on the Scout’s advancement page.

PROBLEM: They are all checked by default, you have to go thru them all and uncheck them (or just check the one you wanted) There are 48 requirements for Sea Scout Ordinary i have to uncheck, every time I add it to the Calander? Why. Default should be unchecked.

This can be a good reference for parents and Scouts to use when planning their advancement calendars. Here is an example of how an event may show on a Scout’s advancement requirements’ page. Clicking on the date, brings you to the event.**

This is working as designed. Until the calendar is replaced by a new version, nothing will change.

It’s got to be an error, because when you select “work at home” which is a good option by the way, it defaults to nothing checked. So, you just select the item you’re working on.If you select “work on at the meeting” is checks them all? Not leave blank so I can select the one were working on.

It has been this way since before the BSA purchased Scoutbook. You can clear the selection of any item you do not plan to work on at that meeting. This was a design decision made by the original Scoutbook author.

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@GeneHart - the other thing to consider is that it has zero impact on actual advancement

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So I need to understand something. I select flag etiquette, Ordinary 1C. I make a calendar entry, delete the other 49 checks because of the backwards design decision to add them in, because the designer assumed every advancement for the entire rank can be done in one meeting. Then this note that the requirement will be done at the meeting has no impact on advancement?

You guys are talking in code. Assuming the checks were a shortsighted design mistake. Why would assigning the requirement in a meeting to a group of scouts not impact actual advancement? Would I just not take those who showed up to the meeting, (attendance) and do a quick entry on advancement for that requirement.

I think what @Stephen_Hornak is trying to get at is that adding something in Planned Advancement does not set it up to automatically be entered as Completed for the scouts simply by marking attendance, nor does it “preload” into Quick Entry (unless that’s changed recently). There are some good reasons for this (e.g. scout arrived late/left early and didn’t complete that particular item). You are correct that you can manually mark the requirements Completed/Leader Approved for the scouts using Quick Entry, but that’s not impacted by whether or not the Planned Advancement feature is used.

To be honest, given the complexity of use (some of which you’ve noted in your comments) and the sometimes outdated items on the list (e.g. lagging behind updated requirements for the actual rank), I never used this as a den leader. I just put the requirements/activities/awards we were going to work on in the event description.

This is actually a longstanding issue that predates the BSA purchase. I suspect that, because Planned Advancement doesn’t actually do anything other than show up in what is for many people an obscure location, fixing this issue was never prioritized.


@GeneHart - because the advancement items on the calendar are for planning purposes only. And beyond that I think I can look up when this was added and will update here.

So it was added 8 years ago

Thanks, this was a great answer.

I thought it was well thought out after i started to enter the info. at the end of the meeting, to sign off on the scouts that completed it would help tremendously. So now i have an adult, take attendance, ask me if they can be signed off and do the quick entry. It would be so much easier if the requirements were linked to that actual entry instead of taking the extra step.

INMO: Planned advancement is a great idea, if you’re trying to schedule scouts to do the “planning, and the presentation” of the requirement. Parents and scouts know when they have a presentation to do. In my sea scout program, each scout has to take a topic like" Ordinary 13C Weather", and present the lesson. And then advancement chair signs them off w/Skipper approval. In the calendar it shows when and who is presenting, and notes has the objective and lesson plan. If it did attachments, even better. I’d attach the power point. and I would not even have to be at the meeting.

8 years and nothing has chaged?

@GeneHart - it was something the original owner/designer added well before the BSA purchased it. There were all kinds of plans he had for other features and updates when I was with him during the NAM in Atlanta.

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