Calendar Event->Planned Advancement->Ordinary needs de-select all option

I created a new calendar event for our Sea Scout unit. It is a day trip to a Marine Reserve. One of our scouts is our host to satisfy requirement 3c for her rank advancement to Ordinary rank.

When I go to set the Advancement section, and choose Rank Advancment->Ordinary, there are 67 requirements, which are all selected. To set the one requirement she wants (3c) I have to un-check the other 66 requirements.

I would like to see a “de-select all” option to uncheck all those requirements in one step. Or perhaps the requirements should appear with none of them checked rather than all of them.

(I was using the Scoutbook calendar to create the event, since that is what I know)

@DeborahBennett - do keep in mind that the planned advancement serves no functional purpose other than you clicking on things. I would also see if they are actually current and correct. I suspect they may not be.

If they do not serve a functional purpose, then why are they there? Why not remove them and eliminate questions like mine?

@DeborahBennett - they were added 8 years ago as a planning aid. I trust they will not be a part of the IA calendar as i dobt see it there.

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