Calendar Advancement doesn't go far enough

Good Evening,

I was adding events into the Scoutbook calender which I found very useable. Except, I was adding in advancment and there isn’t a way to breakdown the requirements within a rank at the ScoutsBSA level. This left me with all the requirements for Second and First class listed for a 3 hour hike when I simply wanted one (or two) requirement from each rank listed. Not such a problem on the calender itself until I went into my unit and had all sorts of notations about when requirements were listed as scheduled and no way to tell which was which.

It would be much more useable with a full breakdown of each rank requirements.

Thank you,

You can do what you want to do, it’s just not easy. :slight_smile:

After adding the rank that you will be working on, you can click on it and deselect the requirements that you will NOT be doing at the event.

I just wish that it was tied into the Quick Entry so that you could set up the planned advancements, take attendance, and the scouts that were at the event would have those requirements marked as completed. Near as I can tell, the planned advancement is pretty worthless other than for planning. I typically just used the notes/agenda section because it was faster.