Incomplete list of merit badges when attempting to assign a counselor

All merit badges which are listed as assigned to my scout are not being shown in the list presented when attempting to assign a counselor. Specifically, the Scuba Diving merit badge (which in the process of attempting to get this to work I updated my scout as having started it so that the associated icon which denotes status is now bordered in green (from grey); however, other merit badges which are assigned to my scout but not started (icon bordered in grey) do show up in the list). I have logged out and back in …

@TravisHill - could you post screenshots and the bsa id for your scout.


Have you confirmed the MBC you are trying to connect to your Scout counsels Scuba Diving.

ok; it looks like the issue is that the desired counselor is not currently authorized via the council; it would b more user-friendly to see the MBs listed on which the scout is working and an icon indicating if the individual is authorized as counselor …

That sounds kinda like the expected behavior, then. In principle, the person shouldn’t be able to be connected as a MBC in Scoutbook unless they are currently registered as a MBC for that specific badge. If you try to connect a counselor for a badge for which they aren’t registered (or someone who isn’t a MBC at all), what I see is:

If they are a counselor for any badges the scout is working on, and for which no counselor is yet assigned in Scoutbook, you see:

Of course what’s in the list of MBs depends on a combination of what the scout has “started” in Scoutbook, what already has a MBC assigned, and what badges the prospective counselor is listed as approved for in Scoutbook.

If you are a troop admin, you can search for MBCs by name from the troop page.

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