Merit Badge Counselor does not have Scouts to counsel

A currently registered merit badge counselor whose YPT is current is attempting to connect to a Scout for a badge the counselor is authorized to teach. In Scoutbook, he keeps getting the message “You do not have scouts to counsel for the selected merit badge”. What could be causing this error?

If you post the BSA Member ID of the counselor (no names please), the SUAC folks may be able to find something.

Also, what process is the counselor using to connect to the scout? Has the scout “started” the merit badge in Scoutbook? I think that step has to happen before the counselor can connect.

The MBC having this issue is 134184983. He logs on to Scoutbook, goes to “Quick Entry”, “Enter MB Requirements”, “Choose MB”, “Choose Scout(s)”. He is indeed registered as a MBC and is authorized to teach the badge he selected. He then gets the error “You do not have scouts to counsel for the selected merit badge”.

If the counselor looks in their My Connections tab, can they see the scouts in question? If so, do they show as being connected as a MBC? If not, they need to be connected to the scout(s) in question as a MBC first. Then, the scouts will show up on their counselor dashboard.


The only Scout I see the MBC connected to as an MBC is his son. He needs to be connected to Scouts as an MBC in order to use the MB Quick Entry.


Thanks to all! Problem solved. Happy New Year.

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