Incorrect Display of Positions of Responsibility for Scouts in Multiple Programs

We have Scouts that are members of a Troop, Crew, and Ship. When we enter their positions of responsibility under the leadership section, all positions appear under their current Scouts BSA rank, including the Venturing and Sea Scout positions that should display under those program ranks. Also, the counters that show days of leadership in Venturing and Sea Scout remain at zero.

To confirm, when we enter the positions, we select the correct unit membership that the position pertains to.

However, the positions do display correctly on the individual profile page when you toggle between programs, i.e., their Troop position shows when we toggle the Troop, Crew position shows when we toggle the Crew, etc.

That is because they are Valid positions for the Rank

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It seems counterintuitive for the POR to only show for the Scouts BSA rank but not the Venturing or Sea Scout ranks, which also have requirements for service in positions of responsibility.

never noticed that - will put it on list if it is not already

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Thanks for looking into it.

Yeah I found a story I wrote like 2 years ago that verges on this so I asked it to be modified

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