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Leadership Roles Multiple Programs

I’m trying to record Roles of Responsibility for Scouts who are enrolled in multiple programs (Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts) but despite selecting their Crew or Ship it applies all the roles to their Eagle Scout (Troop) Rank rather than venturing or sea scouts. What am I missing/doing wrong?

@KarlGray - do these scouts have a rank or award in the crew or ship ? If I look at my son’s leadership listing it too shows under his current rank of life as the crew award sections have not been earned…

Yes, the Scout I’m dealing with is an OA Rep in the Troop and a VP in the Crew. BUT both positions are showing up under his Eagle Rank (Troop) instead of one in the Troop and one (VP) in the Crew under his Discovery Rank.

all positions should show under each rank - that is how it works - the system does not know what program the role is under - it just sees the role in a time frame

Here’s a screenshot, you’ll see that nothing is linked to his Crew Ranks but multiple positions are linked to his Eagle (Troop). They were entered under his Crew when they were added.

No they are linked to hte Unit that they are entered under. For example here is another one of our Scouts in our Troop who is multipled with the Ship and his positions show under his SS Rank.

So I would expect the positions to show up under BOTH Eagle Rank and Venturing Rank but the problem is it’s not showing up under the venturing rank.

I have played with ships more than crews on positions - so are they showing at all for crews?

So I just checked a few different Crew Youth accounts and none of the Crew positions are showing up under their Crew Ranks, those who are also registered with a Ship do show their SS positions under their SS ranks. Seems to be a Crew specific issue.

@KarlGray - I just tested with a member of my crew who has the venturing award/rank and the leadership did show under that but she is just a member of the crew. Perhaps screen shots of those POR listing and the crew advancement section for the scouts where it is an issue.

Here are some screen shots:

@KarlGray - on the venturing rank it is not approved or awarded which I think is the issue.

I wondered about that so I changed it to approved and awarded and it made no difference to the leadership roles issues, which makes sense because a Scout doesn’t need to have a certain rank to hold a role of responsibility in the Crew.

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@KarlGray - did the date of approval and awarded match the complete date ?

yes, all done correctly.

Going to ask a Crew admin to approve the rank advancements to see if that makes a difference.

@KarlGray - I should have asked what your registered position is in the crew.

Assoc Crew Advisor in the Crew and SM in the Troop.

So Just an update, I’ve asked a Crew Admin to go in and mark the rank as “Leader Approved” and “Awarded” and we’re still having the same issue. : (

@KarlGray - this is interesting. Would it be possible to delete then re- add the crew position. In the meanwhile it could try on the sandbox and test environments.