Scout Leadership changes

These are the supposed changes:

  • Scout Leadership
    • The table at the top of the Scout’s leadership page has been updated so that it only shows positions that apply to rank advancement. The day counter indicates the number of days that apply to the rank, even if multiple positions were held simultaneously. All positions continue to be shown in the list below the table.

However the new table is completely wrong. It is showing a scout who has held leadership positions continuously as only having 12 days associated with Star rank.

If you post the BSA ID (no names), SUAC may be able to help diagnose the issue and get any bugs reported to the developers.

ETA: I checked a couple of the scouts in the troop I serve, and they all seem right.


Please post a screen shot of the chart. The link you provided gives us the ability to look at the Scout’s record in the DB but we cannot access the chart.

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Screenshot 2022-03-11 083027

I spot checked a few of ours as well and they look correct. There are positions that this scout held that don’t count towards rank advancement. I’m guessing that is what is now showing differently since only ones that count toward rank will show in the upper graphic. But ALL will show in the lower table.


Thank you. I have reported this to the developers.


There is an issue because the Scout in the above post earned Star on 1/14/2019 and was Assistant Senior Patrol leader for all of 2019 so the count should be much higher.

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I currently get the “whoops” message when trying to access the leadership page for any of the youth in our Troops, Crews, and Ships. I can get to the leadership page for Cubs in our Pack, but it didn’t show their leadership positions they held during each rank like I could have sworn it used to. Not sure if this has anything to do with the recent updates.

@BryanBlair I reported the same to developers today - there is no pattern - just one scout in my unit

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