Incorrect Profile Merge?


It looks like my profile was mistakenly merged with another member. My cub scout leader positions before this year were removed and another one from a different state shows up instead. I added my previous positions back in, but they are not verified now. How can I undo the mistake?


Can you provide the folks from SUAC your BSA ID? They might be able to look into what’s going on. Also, does the BSA ID shown in your profile on Scoutbook match the one you have in your profile at If not, can you provide both IDs?

How do I contact the SUAC folks? Is there a way to do so outside of the public forum? My BSA IDs are the same in the Scoutbook and profiles, but the one that was merged is different. I think I had two different numbers before the change, but one wasn’t linked with my profile. This is why I think the merge was incorrect. They merged the wrong one, but I don’t know what my other number was.

The folks from SUAC monitor the forums reasonably frequently. According to them, there’s not PII associated with the BSA ID itself, so they generally ask folks to post them in the forums. If you’re concerned, however, one of them can initiate a private message discussion group, and you can provide it there.

On the issue of the previous BSA ID, you might be able to track that down from previous unit recharter paperwork, depending on whether your unit retains a copy. Mine printed on my YPT certificates, so if you had to submit a copy of your certificate for something (some councils/chartering orgs require them), it would likely be on there.

All good places to find it. For me, this is why I backup all of the different backups that are possible. That way, I have a snapshot in time of all of the Scouts an Adults, along with their BSA ID over time. In cases like this, that info is key!

@Matt.Johnson - I applaud your use of backups. Those who do not pay my salary:-)

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