Scoutbook Merge

Recently transferred from NCAC to Green Mountain. Last week we worked through the MyScouting profile and the Council gave me a new Scout ID - 137533939. The challenge is that my Scoutbook profile completely went away (can’t see my kiddos) and all the profile data is gone. My old profile that had all my data was 13645272. Is there a way to move over the data from 272 into 939? Luckily when they gave me my new scout ID number looks like my training survived in MyScouting… just the Scoutbook got sideways. Thanks for the help if this is something you can do on the backend.

@JonAllen72 we will look at this

@JonAllen72 this is fixed - there are some open positions in SB from old unit you might want to end

Thanks - I will… we were trying to settle down on these ones first. Thanks so much for the quick reply

So it still looks strange. Can see my two kids, but the information I had filled out before in Scoutbook is no longer there. Does one have to rebuild their Scoutbook profile when they transition over to a new council. Also, my primary in MyScout is Green Mountain Council, but in Scoutbook it’s still showing NCAC. I can see my two kiddos now, but all of Killian’s history is gone, but his picture is there (so some of his data pulled over), but missing his AOL.

Yes they will have new BSA #s as well - the Council does not matter that much in profile. Let me take a look

Killian has 2 592 #'s = but no registrations - if you are talking about cub stuff it is just hidden - you can run a Cub History report.
Darcy seems good

You need to fill out an application for Killian

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Thanks… did that as well. We’ll see if the Scoutmaster had it tonight (at the Troop meeting now and we’ll try to figure it out).

Can you please merge two SB Accounts.

BSA ID# 132167219 User ID# 4567023 (Correct acct number)

BSA ID# 13877850 (He created)

In the account he created, he accidentally listed his birth year as 2007, it is actually 2008.

Thank you.

@JoshuaSaunders this is fixed

Thank you SO MUCH, that has helped solve a major headache.

Hi I need help merging two accounts. #13790823 should be the correct ID with the correct email address “_” not a “-”. The other ID is #134891327. Thanks!

I need help merging another two accounts. #13206301 should be the correct ID. The other ID is #131332262 with Thanks!!!

My third request today is for (name removed). An adult leader and parent. His ID # is 134872084 and his email address is (email removed). When he first appeared on the roster, it showed him as living in MI (we’re in NJ) and in a council in FL (again NJ). The email address is correct, but he insists he isn’t receiving the emails to connect to his son’s. He’s checked spam, but nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

@LauraCincotta I’ll look into these

I’ve sent you a private message as I’m not seeing any issues, but I’m also not seeing that a connection was ever made.

This is fixed. Although, I had to keep the latter member number as that’s the one with her level name and her committee member registration. She can add her nickname in the nickname field of her profile. I corrected the email address. She should be logging in using the sign in with Google button and and a gmail account that is different from the email address on her account.

This is fixed too. I also kept the latter number here since that has his registration. The email is fixed though. He needs to log in with his my.scouting user name which is not an email address.

What if she doesn’t have a gmail account? I know I don’t.