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Individual Activity Report — scoutbook

Is there a way to run an individual activity attendance report for each scout? Trying find a way to help identify when the requirement for troop activities has been met. Thank you.

I’m not following exactly what you are attempting to find. The attendance report is available from the unit page > reports > attendance report. There are various filtering options.

Trying to run a report for activity attendance for an individual scout. I have not found that ability.

First Class Requirement 1
it’s hard to find a report to easily aid in telling when the 1st class requirement is met. And in the scout book there are hiking logs, service logs and camping logs but no activity log.

In the attendance reports, I have not found a way to filter out troop meetings and include the rest.

Trying to see if I’m missing things.

There is an “Activity Log Report” and an “Attendance Report”. There is a csv option, which allows you to open the file in a spreadsheet and sort / filter as needed.

Admins can also Export / Backup the Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise (for Sea Scouts), and Service Logs.

Another option is to click on Second Class / First Class requirement #1a. in Scoutbook and use the “Notepad & Comments” feature. “Notepad & Comments” is also available at the bottom of each rank, merit badge, and award.

Great. Let me try the export feature.