Individual Advancement Record (Star & Life sections)

Hello, the recent update to the “Life Rank” portion of the ScoutBook Individual Advancement Record is unfortunate. The problematic section is Requirement 5, which states “Earn 5 more merit badges” (so that you have 11 in all). The report used to show 5 slots for the five badges they needed to earn. Now the report has been updated to show 11 slots in this location. This is overkill. The additional 6 slots are already accounted for in the Star rank section. What is truly upsetting is that the report which depicts progress from Scout up to Eagle, it used to fit on one page. This was nice for printing out and keeping in an Advancement Chair binder. Now, due to the six Star badges being repeated in the Life section (for a total of 11 badges), the report no longer fits on one page. It becomes a 2 pager. Please put the report back the way it was previously. It wasn’t broken, and it didn’t need fixing.

The issue with Life showing the wrong MBs has been fixed and is being tested.

The issue with Eagle flowing to a 2nd page is under discussion.

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