Life Scout Advancement Display missing Eagle Required & Elective Merit badges

I have a problem with 3 of my 5 Star Scouts in 2 Troops (1 B, 1 G). When I select the scout → Advancement → Life Scout i see NO Eagle Required Merit Badges listed and the two elective merit badges used for Star are NOT listed.
Star Scout Rank Requirements

Life Scout Rank Requirements

A similar thing happens for the other 2 scouts with this problem, however for two other scouts they display correctly. I think it has to do with the fact that the 3 Star scouts with a display problem only have 4 eagle required MB’s. I have one Star scout with 6 eagles and another Star scout with 11 eagles and they display correctly.
In addition when I look at the Eagle Scout Rank Requirement page all 5 display correctly.
3 with problems: 137131649, 132050209, 132339100
2 without problems: 133246857, 131998643
Using latest version of Chrome, Win 7 Pro, not Incognito window


First, please confirm that the latest version of Star and Life are selected at the top of the respective pages. Let us know if these are set properly.

Looked at all 5 Star Scouts. Once a scout has earned/been awarded the Rank you can not change what version so I cannot verify what version was used for the Star Scout Rank. Three of the scouts earned Star in March '22, one in Apr '22 & 1 in Nov '21 and none of them have been in scouting that long so probably the “2016-22” version.
All 5 Star Scouts have the “2016-22” block marked.

OK, I need to pass this on to the developers for investigation.

I also looked at the Eagle Rank and all 5 are set for 2022.

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You might be able to work around this by generating a rank report (Report Builder) that includes their star rank. It reports the version, but it might only do that if there is more than one version represented in the report. I have multiple “age groupings” of scouts, so we have a couple of Star versions represented (2013 and 2016). It looks like this on the left side of the report:

@MichaelMcGehearty starting another Eagle required MB fixes the issue - even with no requirements marked

I suspected that starting/ completing another Eagle Required would fix the problem, but it is still a bug that should go into the que for repair. Probably NOT a major issue but something that another SB user may also question / have an issue with until it is fixed.
Thanks for all y’all do.

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I can see how we missed in testing though

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