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Information on Recharter Updates!

Our Recharter updates are coming regarding the new system that will be used for units that charters expire December 31, 2021 and later.

  • New Internet Rechartering 2.0
  • Coming this Fall
  • Simpler and Easy to Use
  • Accessible through Internet Advancement (advancements.scouting.org)
  • Same Login as for ScoutBook
  • No Access Codes necessary
  • Single Screen for all data Review and Validation
  • Uploads for new applications, YPT, or CBC forms easy to manage
  • Will be used for ALL units rechartering, including Exploring Posts and Clubs
  • Easy electronic approval by COR or a designate
  • Convenient payment online or at Scout Service Center
  • Training coming in early September
  • Commissioner Dashboard will be available to monitor unit progress

Watch “Internet RecharterPromo FINAL72921” on Vimeo: Internet RecharterPromo FINAL72921 on Vimeo

Greetings Commissioners! With the recent announcement of the new Internet Rechartering and various postings, here is some updated information to help address common questions.

The System is Simpler to Use:
• No address codes are necessary
• Single screen will address all recharter tasks
• Simpler process anticipated to speed up completion

Things Staying the Same:
• Protecting unit’s information – same folks can access the information
• Commissioner access remains the same as with the previous system

New Tools for Commissioners:
• Rechartering Sandbox will be available next month
• Training for Volunteers and Professionals coming in September
• Unit and Administrative Commissioners get a new dashboard showing unit recharter status

The Details:

The new Internet Rechartering system was designed to address many factors:
• It’s simpler
• No access codes are necessary
• Single screen will address all recharter tasks

It also continues to protect a unit’s personal information, as in the previous system, so only members of the unit’s Key 3 will have access the charter details.

  1. Like the current Internet Recharter system, commissioners will not have direct access to unit charter details. However, commissioners still have the ability, and are encouraged, to meet with a unit Key 3 to work on necessary details to complete the charter.

  2. There has been concern expressed about the delay in beginning the recharter process from October 1 to October 15. This is due to the need for the developers to complete the new recharter application. However, past unit recharter tracking data shows that the majority of our units begin the process later in October or early November. Additionally, with the improved simplicity designed into the new recharter process, it’s anticipated units will be able to complete their charter in much less time than in the past.

  3. A convenience for units is that only a single login is necessary, which is the same used for both Internet Advancement and Scoutbook. While many commissioners do not have access to Scoutbook, unless they have been invited by their unit to join, this does not impact the ability of a commissioner to assist their unit.

Most councils require that units use Internet Advancement to report unit advancement instead of accepting paper records (Scoutbook feeds into Internet Advancement for units that use that application). Therefore, units should be familiar with this system already.

  1. This new Rechartering system provides Commissioners with NEW TOOLS debuting early next month:

A) We have a Sandbox now! A Sandbox is a system that allows people to access the platform to understand how the system works without seeing personal information or impacting a unit’s recharter. We can use this new tool as Commissioners to help troubleshoot issues, coach units through questions/processes, and more! This has been a highly requested feature for years. The new feature will be rolled out next month.

B) Training will be available for Commissioners to understand how the process works, including its new features! This training will be available for both Volunteers and Professionals in September.

C) Unit Commissioners (and Administrative Commissioners) will be able to see the exact progress of units in the electronic rechartering through the use of a dashboard available in Commissioner Tools! Previously, Commissioners had to rely on reports from our Professional Staff to see unit recharter status. Now we have on-demand information that will help us to encourage and support units as they recharter.

The new Internet Recharter system has many improvements vs. our current system. It will benefit the unit by being simpler and easier to use and the commissioner will have new tools to assist units with this process. Please stay tuned for more information when it is available. When the time comes to work a unit charter in October, we’ll all be ready to complete those charters and have them turned in on time.

This system does not change a Commissioner’s role and responsibility in Rechartering, and gives us greater tools to assist Units! Let’s get excited about this upgrade!