Internet Recharter Website

You can find the website for Internet Recharter here.

Love the new recharter. Got in fine and it is very simple to use, but I find there is information I didn’t realize I needed and will not have for a day or two. How do I log out so that what I have done is saved and I can log back in when I get the information?

@JeremySchrauf it auto saves

@RonaldBlaisdell Here is a technical question only because I have never had youth apps come in during the recharter window. If I add new youth to the unit would it be correct that they would not push to scoutbook until the recharter is completed on the council side or would they actually post to scoutbook prior to that final acceptance by council ?


Got it and got out, now it will not accept my user name and password for my.scouting to get back in.

This is unrelated to you logging out. I assume you can still login to my.scouting and

Yes, thanks. I made the mistake of trying to reenter at the first Internet Recharter instead of the Internet Advancement. Not exactly intuitive when one only does this as little as one time a year. Hope that old recharter system will go away quickly.

I think that will go away soon, but I believe their issue is that the new system is for charters that expire on 12/31. Any that expired before that would use the old system. So, they can’t remove the link just yet.

The advantage is that all units need to use either Scoutbook or Internet Advancement to record their advancement. So, one less “system” since recharter is in Internet Advancement.

That is what I was thinking, but happy when it can finally go away. I try to do my own unit first as I have many units who will potentially need my UC and DC help. Best For me to make the mistakes and have the problems first so I can cut down on the unit frustrations and steer them past the roadblocks. And I really appreciate the Forum as the former facebook pages and many of the helper folks are not there any longer. And good to see at least a few of the folks I knew on the Tech Forums.

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I had 5 or six scouts whom I deleted from our Troop, 1615, show back up on our roster. How do I find out if we paid for them as well and what is the best way to get this fixed?

After submitting your new charter, you got a PDF that shows who was added, dropped, and your new roster. It also show how many you paid for of each cost type. Check out that document. Did you pay for them?