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New Internet Rechartering 2.0

  • Coming this Fall
  • Simpler and Easy to Use
  • Accessible through Internet Advancement (advancements.scouting.org)
  • Same Login as for ScoutBook
  • No Access Codes necessary
  • Single Screen for all data Review and Validation
  • Uploads for new applications, YPT, or CBC forms easy to manage
  • Will be used for ALL units rechartering, including Exploring Posts and Clubs
  • Easy electronic approval by COR or a designate
  • Convenient payment online or at Scout Service Center
  • Training coming in early September
  • Commissioner Dashboard will be available to monitor unit progress

Preview Video: https://vimeo.com/580832024


The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but the demo sure looks / sounds great!

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Is there going to be a sandbox set up for this so we will be able to help guide units through the process?


@JohnGeiser I’ll know more this Friday. Last I “heard” there was going to be one – but that doesn’t mean it made it past the cutting room floor.


My Friend Ron,

I am looking forward to this new software. I have some questions about the training sessions, or at least about what I am being told it is. The latest I have been told is that units will see the training on 1 Sep and that the registrar will be trained during the first week of November. I have seen nothing that tells me what the training entails and that gives me pause. As Council Commissioner I should be publicizing the new software but can’t since I have no idea what the training will be. This alone gives me pause but what really concerns me is the registrar training being held in November. All my units are rechartering from Oct to Dec which places Nov right in the middle of the rechartering effort and I need to know how long this training will take the registrar out of the process. Hopefully, you can enlighten me.


It looks like you will have the pleasure of being the last ones to use the old system!

“ This ONLY affects renewals with a charter expire date of December 31, 2021 or later. All other renewals will continue to take place in the current Internet Recharter system (ScoutNet).
More information and training materials will be released soon. Below is a quick FAQ:

Q: My unit’s charter expires on November 30, 2021. Will I need to use the old system or the new system?
A: Units with a charter expiration date before December 31, 2021 will continue to use the old internet Rechartering system.
Q: If my unit starts the charter renewal in the old system, will I need to complete it in the new system after December 31, 2021?
A: No, your unit will need to complete your charter renewal in the old system and the registrar will need to post the unit through ScoutNET (PAS) prior to December 31, 2021.”

All my recharters expire on 31 December-hence my concerns.

Your wording confused me. Your units must be rechartered by 12/31. So, they need not do it until ready. October may be too soon.

Okay - let’s make sure we are clear - if you recharter 11/30 or before - you use the current recharter system.

If you recharter 12/31 or later, you use the new recharter system. (65%+ of BSA units recharter 12/31.)

The new system will open up 10/15 - and there will be no need for an access code as in the past, since it will no longer be a separate system, but part of the Internet Advancement platform.

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Who will have access to this is still being worked out

In our council we start the rechartering process in October, Supposed to be done at the unit level by first of November, and payment made the first of December. The actual rechartering does not get done until after the first of the year (registrar work). For this reason @WilliamGuglielmi I feel like the placement of the registrar training in November should not affect the flow of recharter since they don’t actually recharter until later.

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I think it is the precision of the wording. When people say recharter they usually mean when they turn in their stuff. What you mean is “for charters that expire 12/31 or later”, right?

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Theses are great upgrades to the recharter process however I would like to see a option where each scouts parents can pay there scouts recharter online if there is no funds in that scouts account held at the troop level. This way it can make it easer and more convinet to make sure recharter can be processed on time.

Another thing I would like to see is the option to add or remove members even after I submit recharter to council were we can submit a updated recharter report for any changes to the original submit all. This would help prevent members from not getting added to the charter for the following year resulting in extra time and having to resubmit paperwork.

For us this may make it harder. The charter wouldn’t “clear” until all on it would pay. So one Scout could delay the whole process.

We communicate our dues for the year in October and require them to be paid by the last troop meeting in November.

The unit should have in their budget their recharter costs, and the unit should be the one paying. Scouts should simply be paying the unit.


A couple of updates from earlier in the week:

  • The sandbox Internet Recharter will be available in September
  • Training for everyone will be available in September (that includes Registrars - this will be in addition to their normal quarterly training in November)

@MichaelWard2 - our units do not do scout accounts so that part would not work. Additionally, granting everyone rights to enter payments into the system… that would result in an uptick of issues like we see in these forums. No, the unit budget and annual plan should provide funds to cover recharter.

@RonaldBlaisdell - thank you as always for your important and informative posts.

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We’re winding down the use of “Scout Accounts” as related to fundraising, but we still have “scout accounts” where we track income and expenditures by Scout/Family for stuff like this. So, for example, our August camp out will cost $25 per person – there will be a debit to each scout account for $25 for the campout, and a credit when the Scout pays for it.

In our annual budget planning, the first line item is rechartering. We have a pretty accurate idea of how large a check we need to cut every year, so that goes into the planning and gets put in a reserve account. Then we replenish with annual dues and fundraising throughout the year.

And, of course, we have some scholarship money reserved in the event that a family runs into a financial problem. We have excellent support from our Chartered Organization and our sibling organizations to make sure that any youth that is interested in Scouting has the opportunity to participate.

We wondered off topic. If you want to talk about these payment options please start a new thread.


@JohnGeiser - we did… and that is why a map and compass are good to have handy :slight_smile:

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