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International Spirit Award not showing

Have a scout that has an approved International Spirit Award. National sent the award packet back, and Council has ran it under the scout’s BSA ID. Under the awards listing it shows progress 100%, approved, and awarded. However on the scout’s profile, it doesn’t display under their merit badges with the other awards.

Thank you. I have reported the bug to the developers.

I recently had some tell me about this and also that the nova awards were were not showing devices for additional segments

@RonFedele I am not able to reproduce your bug. Can you give some more details (program or level and Nova award names)?

When should we expect this bug to be fixed?


The BSA does not publish schedules or the backlog for Scoutbook. We cannot predict when this may be fixed. It will be announced in the Change Log forum when it is.

@JoshuaDavenport This bug has been fixed.

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