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Internet Advancement Camping is not reflected on OA Eligibility Report

I ran a report for our Girl Troop to check for the Eligibility of our scouts for OA. On the OA report, I am seeing the following for the same scout:

When I run the report in Internet Advancement, I get the following:


Will the info in Internet Advancement be integrated into Scoutbook to allow the reports for OA when the report is run or do we need to use only Internet Advancement for all of the camping logs and Scoutbook for Rank. If so, then shouldn’t the OA report be added to Internet Advancement to allow for the proper info to be printed or submitted as necessary?

It’s a bit hard to sort out what you’re showing. What are the headings of the different columns?

It looks like you have five events listed in IA2 logs for this scout:
9/27/19 - 1 short-term night
1/18/20 - 1 short-term night
5/9/20 - 1 short-term night
6/5/20 - 2 short-term nights
6/28/20 - 6 long-term nights

So, for OA eligibility this appears to reflect 5 short-term and 6 long-term nights (of which you can only count 5), out of a required 10 short-term and 5 long-term. So, it looks like the OA eligibility report in Scoutbook is correctly reflecting what’s there.

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Is one of your screen shots from the OA Eligibility Report and the other is from the Activity Log Report? It’s hard to tell without the column headers.

The issue is that only 5 nights of the long-term camp will show up on the OA Eligibility Report, because the OA membership requirements state:

“Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement; the balance of the camping (10 nights) must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps of, at most, three nights each.”

In the first image with only 1 scout, it is from the OA Report, with short and long term camping. The second image is form Internet Advancement which shows more since we are using that, but the info inputted into the Internet Advancement does nto fill in the info in the OA Report.

In my personal opinion, it is sort of stupid to have the OA report in Scoutbook, yet have to input the camping in something else and they do not talk to each other. Since the Internet Advancement was to make it easier on the activities, it is not making it for any of the reports in Scoutbook about service hours, camping, hiking, et al.

And I know wha tis required, 1st class, 515 nights with 1 5 night and the other 10 3 nights. that was not what I was asking about nor need to be told about. I am asking on how to do a report when the info is not being carried over from the place that it is reported to and kept up-to-date. If we are to use IA for hiking, camping, service hours, et al, than should the reports that need to access that info be in IA and not Scoutbook, or allow Scoutbook to access the info form Internet Advancement.

Based on the information you posted, it appears that the report in Scoutbook is correctly reflecting the information that exists in IA2. What do you believe is not being correctly reflected?

The report in Scoutbook is pulling from the logs in Internet Advancement.

If you edit the scouts profile, what is in the date joined scouts BSA field?

I’m counting that it should be 8 short term nights. Are you counting something different than that? I’ll send you a private message to get some info if you agree that I’m reading your data right.

I made the same mistake originally, @jacobfetzer. The IA2 camping reports appear to list nights, then days:

Doh! Thanks. That makes sense that it’s be more days than nights. Should have been able to figure that out.

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