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#'s are different between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement

I have 2 issues that seem to have similarities. I’m sure I’m missing something but can’t figure out what.

  1. We have our calendar dates on the SB calendar. I mark their attendance for campouts. But when I run the troop Activity report some campouts appear and some don’t. How do I make them all appear on a scouts activity report?
  2. I have a scout who should be eligible for OA so I looked to see why he wasn’t on my SB OA eligible report. His Internet Advancement shows he has camped 22 nights over 9 trips. But his Scoutbook profile shows only 6 nights total.
    I was under the impression that SB and IA would sync, but in our case I can see it isn’t.
    So what am I doing wrong?


The Scoutbook calendar is not currently linked with the activity calendar in IA. Marking attendance in the Scoutbook calendar will not credit the Scout for attending the campout (for example).

There is only one activity log. Go to the Scout’s profile and make sure the Date Joined Scouts BSA is set properly. This date is used to determine which camping nights qualify for OA.

Thank you. I did check him on Scoutbook and the Internet Advancement and both have him starting in 2016. So that wouldn’t be the problem this time.
Thanks for your help.


Post his BSA Member ID (not name) and we will investigate