Internet Advancement import format

I am working on developing a new BSA troop management website and need to know how to obtain the import file format to ensure my users can upload to Internet Advancement 2.0.

What is the process for becoming a trusted 3rd party developer?

Thank you

@MichaelPerkins4 - here is your competition

Understood. It will be hard. I’m taking a different approach - open source, MIT license, option to self-host if you’re so inclined. Plan on hosting it for free for troops 20 scouts and under unless that becomes untenable.


Your only option is to work through your Council. BSA IT does not follow the forums or publish contact information and all support is via Council staff.

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Worked with council - the only response I got third-hand was that my software is not a trusted third party developer and to try to contact scoutbook through the proper channels.

Now I’m trying to reach scoutbook through the proper channels since their contact page said the only way is through the forums.

I tried emailing a defunct email address I found but got an auto-reply saying to use the forums.

So my question is:

Is there a way for a new software service to be vetted and approved as a third-party developer, and what is that process?

There is no way as you do not even exist yet it sounds like - probably best bet would be for your Scout Executive to write an introduction letter for you.

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@MichaelPerkins4 - I would also be mindful of the other providers and how they do things from layout to reports to options… that could end up with legal issues.

@MichaelPerkins4 and honestly if you are making it open source I would be surprised if BSA helps you at all - due to data security and PII

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Open source doesn’t mean I’d be releasing everyone’s information - that would be secured behind user authentication as it is with normal sites. The open source part would be that you can see how the website functions, can read the source code and suggest how to improve, etc.

Not quite sure what you mean - are you saying that one of the other providers has a patent or something on how to display information?


Sites like Troopkit are copyrighted so if you copy their report format, screens, etc. you could be subject to a lawsuit.

BSA IT is VERY careful about what they release. If your source code were to contain API calls, or data formatting to upload to SB+, you would be releasing the information to the public. The BSA does not release this information and thus would not want it revealed in 3rd party software.

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@MichaelPerkins4 - it is their intellectual property. I would poke around their sits to make sure what you want to do does not in anyway resemble their stuff.

What is your goal in this exercise

Thank you for your feedback. This is not really a solution - I’ve already mentioned that District has stated they are not able to help me, They direct me to try to contact through the regular channels. I have contacted Council for help.


BSA IT has stated they do not support end users and that a ticket opened by a Council on a member’s behalf is the only way to reach BSA IT.

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