Internet Advancement Reminders

Internet advancement is not sending out notifications for calendar events. Any ideas on how to fix this?


The Scoutbook mail server is currently on one of the e-mail blacklists. At this time we do not know when this will be resolved. Until it is resolved, some e-mail systems will block all messages from Scoutbook.

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So what do the talking head propose we use for communication, I have 130+ scouts with dozens of calendar events setup for various den meetings, pack meeting and pack events and we are just ok with emails not being sent.

This seems like something that should be all hands on deck and forget the calendar migration for now.

I never used SB reminders as a Unit leader - just sent out emails myself. There is no timeline cause it is totally outside of BSA IT’s hands and the Blacklist Houses do not tell you even what the issue is for you to fix - so it is hunt and peck

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@donovanmcneil we use the calendar and the calendar sends out reminders. We have 20 dens where den leaders schedule their own meetings, we have pack meetings, we have pack events. You propose I manually send out emails for everything when we have a program that is supposed to handle it.

National wonders why numbers are falling when units can’t even communicate when meetings are taking place.


Unfortunately, as Donovan said, there is no simple fix. BSA IT has to try different things because the blacklist vendors will not tell BSA IT why the servers are on the blacklist. This is getting high priority at BSA IT but there is no “silver bullet” fix.

At this point, since you have 20 dens, my suggestion is each den leader send an e-mail to their families using a system other than Scoutbook. You can get parent e-mail addresses from Roster Builder, dump these to a spreadsheet and build a distribution list. Alternately, send one e-mail to the entire pack listing all upcoming events.

We understand this is not an ideal solution, but until the magic combination of changes needed to get off the blacklist is found, it is the best we can do.