Calendar e-mail reminders not being received by some

I realize this has been posted about before, but I can’t find a post that solves my issue. I have some parents not getting SB event reminder emails. To try and eliminate possibilities, so far I’ve checked or determined the following:

All parents are connected to the scout(s) as a Parent/Guardian and have full control.

The email addresses are valid- I can send an email to them outside of SB and they get it.

They are not set to “No emails” in SB.

None of the parents and scouts have identical BSA numbers.

There are multiple domains- Gmail, Hotmail,, and Yahoo are the ones I know about.

I tried sending them a message through SB- all of them got it, so it seems to be limited to calendar reminders.

At least one other parent with a Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail address got the calendar reminder email (I only have one parent with a address- the one with the issue).

A couple of the parents have scouts that just crossed over in the spring, and others have older scouts that have been with the troop for a while.

I have done a “Send Now” reminder with the same issue- it was sent Tuesday, August 1.

The scout(s) are on the list of invitees to the event.

Only one of the scouts’ profiles has an email address in my.scouting and it is different from the parent’s address.

If it makes a difference:

  • I created most if not all the calendar events they aren’t getting.
  • I am the Scoutmaster, a Troop Admin, and am connected to and have full control over each scout.

I’m out of ideas, and I wanted to try and nip this in the bud before our scout year starts in earnest. Thoughts?

@JamesCoile - i would make a test event and include the parents as invited people in addition to the scouts. Then do the reminders or send now

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Good thought. I’ll try that.

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I’ve heard from Gmail users and the user. They all got the test event that I sent. I’m going to assume that the Yahoo and Hotmail users got it as well, but I haven’t heard from them yet.

While this appears to be a usable workaround and is easy enough to implement (and I will), it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Adding a scout to an event should cause the reminder email(s) to be sent to their parent(s). Hopefully someone will pass this up the chain to the appropriate IT folks, because I doubt that I’m the only unit with this problem. I want to know what caused it and fix it- even if it is just my unit.

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@JamesCoile - glad to hear that was successful or at least of the known recipients. I know I typically have the parents and scout invited to all events, so the info should be getting out. You are correct to think that if ONLY the scout was invited then it should send to the parent. It is what I wold have thought as well.

Update: Yahoo and Hotmail users got the “test event” where the parent was an invitee.

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