Internet Recharter accidentally submitted- needs many updates

Who needs to be contacted to re-open the reharter to our unit so correct information can be provided?

@StanleyHuhman Talk to your council

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Like @DonovanMcNeil says, you have to work this with your council. They are the only ones that work with on what can be done.

Thanks. The council office reopens Tuesday and contact will be made. It has been closed since I was made aware of this.

What kind of information needs to be updated?

Hi Jennifer,
Since the charter was submitted by our committee chair and I have not been made aware of exactly which scouts and scouters are rechartering, I can’t say with 100%, but what she said in email is that she must have missed something in the process as everyone was marked to recharter and nobody was taken off. So it looks pretty much exactly it looked ending the year. That means there are 20 scouts when there should only be I think 14, she will no longer be committee chair but still is, another committee member is assuming the chair, and the treasurer also resigned with a new member of our pack moving into the treasurer slot. An assistant SM also resigned along with another committee member. I really can’t imagine how she missed something since from the times I looked at the process it seemed so simple. I, as Scoutmaster, was able to see what she submitted when I went in to decline signing it, and I am attaching a PDF of what I saw I have not compared it to our Scoutbook roster to see for certain if there are differences though… The document is now locked last I looked.

Thank you for any help you can provide. Not certain who to talk with about this at council, but Jan Harris is where I would be starting. The Winnebago Council main phone number is 319-234-2867, Jan’s extension is 100.

20211222_draft_Troop 118 Boys Charter_encrypted_.pdf (250 KB)

Sorry, did not realize responding in email would display in the forum. I looked in Internet Recharter just now and I see this message

“Whoops! Looks like we encountered an error when generating your charter for signature. Please click this button to restart the task. No additional payment will be taken.”

There is then a button labeled “Generate Charter” I am not certain - does clicking this restore the charter?

I had same issue. Roster was completely wrong. I had to submit payment, sign the DocuSign and then my district rep made all the corrections for me. I’m awaiting my refund. Such an annoying process that they can’t unlock it for you to edit online.