Recharter issues -missing leaders

Hello - I submitted my charter electronically this year. I followed the directions for dropping members who were not renewing and kept all who were staying. At the end of the process, the report list who was being dropping and who would remain.
I have several leaders who have been dropped, and I don’t understand what went wrong. The process was automated and pretty straightforward. Is there anyway to have someone look over the charter to find out?
So far…I see that I’m missing 13745566, 13772333 , 14238095 , . Some joined after the Aug. 1 cutoff for the new membership renewal process.

@DianaSmith this is a discussion for your council


Where are these scouters missing? In Scoutbook roster? IA roster? Official roster at my.scouting?

Have you reached out to your council registrar? Ultimately, I think they’re the one who will be able to assist in resolving the issue.

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Let me explain the background. I had to submit a hardcopy charter for the 2023 recharter because I had so many unique situations. In that full submission was payment for all three of the leaders below. However, the council didn’t include them in the recharter process, which was the council’s error. the registrar and I found out what happened after pouring over many documents. In that examination, I also found that I did not include x, which was my error. So registrar and I very quickly remedied this situation as a relieved team. She reinstated 13745566, 13772333 , 14238095 on Sept 15 2023, and I gave her a payment for x.
Then, I submitted the 2024 recharter electronically on Dec 6, 2024. I followed the instructions to add anyone who wasn’t returning to the drop list. All three leaders remained in the renewing list. I submitted the payment. Now these three leaders are missing. Registrar explained recently that the reason X was just dropped was because when registrar reinstated the memberships in Sept 2023, it was backdated.
How did I renew them in my 2024 recharter. I’m thinking that this has to do with the new membership system and the errors we found last fall. I have my recharter doc that listed them in my renewing leaders

Donovan - registrar says that national says that we need to pay payment. I just need to know how this happened. Please read the background. All my council registrar says is that I need to pay fees.

This is a council issue - there is no national help here - council can send in a national ticket if needed

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registrar did send a ticket. registrar said that we need to pay, but I don’t understand how I renewed through the recharter.

The reason I’m reaching out to you is because registrar says that national told her we need to repay these memberships.

As I said - that is a council issue - there are no resources to help something like this - I suggest documenting you paid for said members - show council and ask them to re-submit


Alright. I’ll keep trying. Thank you, D.


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