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Invitation to Scoutbook

I have had my Scout’s email address changed and now I need help in setting up a new user name and password for him to use Scoutbook.

I believe I need to send a new invitation to join Scoutbook to his new email address, but I don’t know how to send an invitation.

If you are connected to your Scout as a parent, edit his/her profile and scroll to the bottom. If you Scout has never logged in to Scoutbook there will be a link to invite the Scout.

If the Scout has logged in previously with an old e-mail address/password and he/she does not remember the password and does not have access to the e-mail for a new one to be sent, you will need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with name, BSA#, council and unit and ask that the e-mail address be updated.

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I appreciate this feedback. I have emailed support and they responded that his email has been updated.
But he still cannot log into Scoutbook using it.
I’m stuck not knowing if I need to somehow send another invite to the new email address, or if not, what needs to be done at this point for him to be able to use the new address to get into Scoutbook and enter his own information.

Has he tried the “forgot password” button with the new email address? That sometimes gets things straightened out.

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Thank you!
I just tried that and he is now successfully able to log into Scoutbook using his own user name and password.

I appreciate your help.

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