Parent unable to invite scout to connect

I am not able to “invite” my scout to connect to Scoutbook.
Their name is (removed by Moderator), BSA Member ID: 136341867.
Can someone reset this so that I can invite them?

If they were invited before, then we don’t know what email was used. We have tried “forgot password” on all the ones we would have used.

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@KyleFord The Scout already has a username at my.Scouting, so you cannot invite the Scout.

You should be able to reset the password at using the chatbot (“Betty”). When it asks if you remember the security questions, you can say No to bypass them.

The scout should, after the reset, be able to log in to Scoutbook using the same credentials they use at my.scouting.

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My scouts and I have the same trouble. Chatbot Betty couldn’t help us.

Let’s start with my daughter: I have tried resetting password (no email comes), recovering the username (no user with the information I enter is found) and I have tried sending her a message through Scoutbook, I get my copy but she doesn’t get hers.

My son also is locked out of his account. 12653828

Thank you for your assistance


For your children, please create a ID for them then use this to log in to Scoutbook.

My local council rep says this would only be possible for my son, who is 14, but not for my daughter, who is 11.

How do I create a my scouting id for my son? Fo I have to pretend he is new to scouting??


Go to and select Create Account. Enter his legal name, DOB and zip code. The system will find his registration which you will then select and create the account connected to his BSA Member ID.

The system may let you create an account for your daughter. It doesn’t hurt anything to try.

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We are in the Transatlantic Council and don’t have a zip code. Can you please advise?


The last question on the Create Account form says Are you Outside the US. Make sure you set that to Yes.

Ok, we went through the “Forgot Username”, and it listed my email address and not the email address of the scout. I must have set things up incorrectly.
I have full access as a parent / leader in Scoutbook. What can be done to invite the scout (my daughter) so that she can get access?

@KyleFord I am in Longhorn too - there is a user name but your email on it (firstinitial)(lastname)(zipcode)

@KyleFord She doesn’t need to be invited.

Have her log in at my.scouting first and check her e-mail address. If needed, she can reset her password using the chatbot.

After that, she can log in to Scoutbook with the same username and password.

@KyleFord If you are unable to use the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.scouting to reset your Scout’s password, you can also contact your local council and they can do a direct password reset.

edavingon, your advice worked. I made a my.scouting account for my 14 year old, and by checking the “I’m a Parent-Guardian” box, I was also able to make one for my 11 year old. My daughter has logged into Scoutbook, and my son into the Scouting app with no problem. Thanks for guiding us through.

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Jennifer - When she tries to “sign up” at my.scouting, she enters her information, and then my email (parent) shows up to “recover”. It says, “Please contact your local council to report it.”.

What we want is the ability to have her own login / account. Somehow, it is tied to mine, so she is unable to connect to Scoutbook.

Ok, we fixed it.
We went through the “recover” steps and an email was sent to my email account (parent).
I clicked on the “reset” link and followed the steps.
Her user account was given a new password, and she is able to login.

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@KyleFord If you would like, you can now change her e-mail address.

I recommend that you change it at, and then it should automatically change in Internet Advancement.

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