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Adding email to my scout's account

I am the Committee Chair for our Troop and we are rolling out use of Scoutbook. Several places suggest that to add an email to my son’s account, I must go to his profile, edit the profile, and click an “Invite [scout] to Scoutbook” link. When I go to my son’s profile, no such link exists.

I am connected to my son’s account as both a parent and as a unit leader. I am also one of our Admins for Scoutbook.

My son does have an email address associated with My.Scouting.org.

Can anyone help point me to instructions on how to invite my son to Scoutbook?

@JamieFrancesca - I guess my first question is when you go to message section and send message is your scout listed as a recipient? If so, then that part is done. If not, you may have to uncheck your parent connection update then re-add. It may also help to just click update in your connection.

If @Stephen_Hornak’s suggestions don’t bear fruit, can your scout log in to scoutbook.com using his my.scouting.org credentials? If he can login to scoutbook with those credentials, maybe him logging-in will trigger his appearance in the potential mail recipient list. I don’t recall whether a user has to log in to his or her account (or at least accept an invitation) before they become eligible to receive mail.

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