Invite MB Counselor Button Not Operating As Intended

Until recently when utilizing this button:

There would be a list of MB counselors that were available and you could filter down by distance. Now when you press the same button it just shows the registered adults in the Troop.
1)Is this a known bug?
2)Am I doing something wrong?



The function you are remembering is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Firefox and Chrome. It sounds like you do not have the extension running.

Nailed it in one. Good looking out. It’s weird because I am using the same computer and chrome instance as always…but I forgot about the extensions.

For those of you playing from home.

Chrome>Extensions>Visit Chrome Webstore Search Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook and Install.

Thanks again!!!

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I believe the permissions for the extension updated recently, as I had to reauthorize it before it would run.

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