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Invited Messaging Missing

I have noticed the buttons for invitee messaging are no longer available within calendar events. Was this a planned change or a bug?

Iā€™m not quite sure what you mean. Are you referring to reminder messages, or the comment section? Both appear the same for me as usual.

When I first started populating events a couple weeks ago, there was a button to message invitees. Within were options to message all, those who did RSVP, or those who have not which then opened the actual message window. That button is no longer there.

Did you have the Feature Assistant Extension installed by any chance? That sounds like an FAE feature.

Yes. Good thought! I just switched to Edge. Will go back an try again in Chrome.

You nailed it Charley. That was it exactly. In Google both the message invitees and RSVP report buttons appear. Thank you for helping to resolve.

These would be worthy upgrades to the program.

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