Message to RSVP Yes in IA Calendar

Is there a way to message participants based on RSVP status in the IA Calendar?
Also, the feature extension to add new scouts does not appear to be working for my troop of ~100 scouts.

When you say the feature assistant is not working, where are you trying to use it? What happens? Screenshots can be very helpful to show us what you are seeing.

Sometimes I want to send messages to those who haven’t responded (ie Maybe) so they can respond. If someone has responded, I don’t want to send them the reminder. I don’t see the option.

A message is different from a reminder – the reminder takes the event note and sends that out. I may want to send a separate message. I’m assuming that was part of the feature extension that is no longer available.

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I select my troop.

Select all events.

Manually select 10 invitees from a list of 100.

Then the screen goes grey.


I let it hang out on this screen for a long time, but it never resolves.


There is an item in the backlog to improve the granularity of reminders.

I guess is should make a feature request for being able to send messages to invitees based on their status. A reminder is usually an automated message at certain intervals, where messages are typically one-off drafts. Thanks.

This is already in the backlog

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Are you selecting Add Invitees under Events, or Send Event Message under Messages?

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Thank you – that is what I was looking for.

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