Emailing event invitees

I could have sworn I saw a button that allowed you to send an email to all invitees to a particular event (I don’t mean the Reminders function). I don’t know whether it was native to Scoutbook, or part of Feature Assistant, or a figment of my imagination.

Have I gone crazy?

It’s in the Feature Assistant Extension (or at least it was).

Well then I’m not crazy, but I don’t seem to see it now.

Are RSVPs on? If so, I sometimes have to do a hard reload (Ctrl-R) on My Dashboard to get the extension to load.

It’s only visible inside the “Edit Event” interface.

There it is. It only shows up when RSVPs are on, for some reason. Thanks.

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The message invitee was (I think) primarily intended to message based on RSVP status. If RSVPs aren’t on, it’s hard to tell if they were never on or just aren’t on now. I suppose there could still be a desire to message all of the invitees (separately from their RSVP status), but I tend to only do that if I have RSVPs on.

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I update the invite and hit a “send now” to send it to everyone invited.

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And that’s what I usually do too. But in this case I wanted to provide additional information without distracting them with the entire event text.

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