Invitees to calendar events dropping when changing dens

The issue I am having is scouts are being “dropped” or uninvited from existing calendar events whenever we change their dens. This has happened at least twice this summer. I only noticed because it involved my 2 scouts both times.

1st time was when the pack advanced scout 1’s den from Tiger to Wolf. The entire den dropped. This happened with all of the existing dens as they advanced for the new cub year.

2nd, my 2nd scout is a new Lion and was added to events before assigned to a den. Now that we have created a Lion den and assigned them to a den they dropped. This also happened when we had a transfer scout on events and then we added them to their new den, they also dropped from the event.

Any way to prevent this? Makes keep invitee list accurate in the summer/for new scouts difficult.

My problem is similar to this discussion below, but for cub scout dens instead of BSA patrols. I did not see any resolution there and my search did not find anything either.
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Issue is even with alot of testing we have not been able to reproduce the issue

I was just able to reproduce this and am reporting the bug


Thanks for digging into it!

Is there any bug list we can reference for future knowledge?

The BSA does not release a bug list.

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