Invitees to calendar events

Why do scouts get “uninvited” to events already in calendar when they change patrols?


Are you seeing this on patrol or troop calendars? I would not expect it to happen with the troop calendar but if they are no longer in a patrol, it makes sense to be removed from the patrol calendar.

On the troop calendar. The scouts were all on the invited list, then we reorganized them into different patrols. When I opened some of the events, the scouts had disappeared and I had to reinvite them in every single event.

When you reorganized them, what method did you use to move them into new patrols? Did you create a new membership in the “new” patrol, then end the membership, or did you use “Reasign Scouts” from the patrol roster? Something else?

Was it a specific TYPE of event?

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I reassigned scouts to new patols

How did you reassign to Patrols? Did you
a) Use the Reassign button from the Patrol Page
b) Use the Reassign button from the Membership page
c) End the membership and create a new one in the patrol on the membership page

Reassign button from troop roster list

Do you know if this was in IA or Scoutbook?

This was done in scoutbook

Do you mean the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the patrol pages? There isn’t one on the Troop Roster page.

Yes, in the Patrol page. Sorry

The same thing happened for us. I reassigned using the “Reassign Patrol” button on the Scouts page under Scout’s Membership. Scouts are no longer invited to the “Troop Meetings” or “Campout” that are scheduled throughout the rest of the year.

After reading all the questions regarding everyone’s issue about whether its scoutbook or internet advancement and deleted whatever, all I can say is scoutbook is the most non user friendly piece of software. Making it worse is now you have to figure if you’re using internet advancement or scoutbook.
I have entered the data for a scout’s advancement as they move through the rank they are trying to achieve and when I return to add more items I have to start all over again and reenter the data again!
This is so frustrating and time consuming. I have used troopmaster before this wonderful idea of scoutbook. Never had an issue. This is the worst.

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