Invitees consistently dropped when editing calendar events

We have a few parents (consistently the same 4 or 5) who are initially visible in the invitee list when creating events in the Scoutbook calendar. However, after a certain period of time the same 4 or 5 parents disappear from all of the events. Any suggestions?
Ben Groverman
Troop 112
Paris, France

@BenjaminGroverman first post the BSA #s so we can look at the accounts to see any clues

Are the scouts removed, too, or just the parents?

and there was this post:

Thanks for the responses. It is only the parents, not the scouts, who disappear. A few to whom it is happening consistently:

Are you sure they are invited? Parents aren’t always explicitly listed unless you choose to add them. They will be emailed, but aren’t listed.

Yes, I’m sure. I invited them myself on several occasions and checked the event after saving it to make sure they were showing up. Then at some future point, they’re dropped, perhaps as a result of another admin editing the event (but not explicitly unselecting these parents). Thanks.

Did the event Type change?

One more question - it isn’t a joint activity with another unit (Pack or girl troop etc)? I’ve had those get messed up person wise.

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Yes, actually, it is. Almost all of our events are joint activities with 112B and 112G. Any idea why only some parents are affected and what we can do about it? Thanks.

No change to the event type. Thanks.

In the past, these worked well for us. We only do 5-10 a year. The last time, we would lose people. If we added them back, their RSVPs would come back. I don’t trust these joint events now.

There is a chance that if someone who only has access to 1 unit edits the event, it removes the invitees from the other unit.

I recommend creating separate events with the same data for each unit and avoiding making joint calendar events.

@edavignon but as designed they would have to be Admins in both units to edit - I was thinking the same thing till I walked through it


Needing to be an admin in both units to edit the event is actually a long time bug. If there are any conditions that allow an admin in one unit only to edit the event, this could be the result.

yeah I think it Would be the result

Interesting. Assuming it’s possible that a 112G-only admin was able to update a joint event, any idea why only certain 112B parents would be affected? It’s always the same ones that drop off and there are plenty of other 112B parents that don’t seem to be impacted. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

I’m not sure if the SUAC has enough to act on. Can you wait until it happens again and report who was dropped? Can you spread the word among the 2 units to see if someone is editing the activities?

I was just notified at our committee meeting last night that RSVP’s have been cleared for events. I don’t have specifics as to who dropped just that our activity chair has to manually update, check and recheck for events.

I’ve had a similar issue with our troop (and all of the events are joint ones between 209B and 209G). It’s just one parent. He’s a parent of a girl in 209G and a boy in 209B, so common to both Troops. I add him to the invitation, check to see that he’s still there, and then a few days later, when I check again, he’s gone and I have to add him again. This only seems to occur with recurring events (Troop meetings), where we use the Scoutbook plug-in to create the recurring meetings. I’m wondering if the problem arises when an event is edited on a mobile device, like an iPhone, which doesn’t have the plugin?