Is Internet Advancement working right now? It's crazy this system is run so badly

Scoutbook now pushes me into internet advancement, and whether you use IA or Scoutbook Plus it doesn’t work. It’s nuts. How has this system been in development for this long and still doesn’t actually work when it’s actually needed?

@RobertSchenck1 - could you be more specific on what is not working?

Marking an adventure as complete for a cub scout.
The basic function does not work right now.

@RobertSchenck1 - ok… what adventure, level of den… ? Your role in the upper right in SB+ ? Perhaps some screen shots ?


There are several known issues that the developers are working on. I have some questions to help narrow down the problem you are seeing.

  1. Is this your child? There is a known issue where parents that are den leaders are not able to approve advancement for their own child.
  2. Is this a new Scout? There is a known issue where using Quick Entry to complete an adventure for a new Scout may not work.
  3. What were you trying to do? Complete/Approve a 2024 adventure? Complete/Approve a previous version adventure?
  4. What is your role in the unit?

We are unable to provide assistance without details on the problem.

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@RobertSchenck1 - are you still having trouble

Do you know when the developers will address the issue of Parents as Den Leaders not being able to approve advancements for their own child? With summer and day camp activities beginning soon it would be nice to be able to sign off on the adventures and summertime activities for all the scouts in the den. Thanks.


We are not able to say when any specific fix will be released. Watch the change log forum for an announcement.