Advance Webelos Den to AOL Den

Since the Webelos and AOLs den are now separate. Shouldn’t there be an option to advance my Webelos to that rank? The button is missing is Scoutbook when I go edit the den.

@MHTroop511KDC you are a bit early… not 1 June yet.

Not June 1 - and you will only be able to do it in SB+ (IA) - AOL Dens will not fully function in SB.

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So after the June 1st big update for the Cub Program changes, packs will advance their dens in IA (not in SB)? or will packs advance dens in SB, like last year, and AOLs will only be full supported in IA? Is there any documentation/sneak peek on this process?


The expectation is after June 1, all Cub Scout tracking will be done via Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement.

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