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Is Training Manager working?

I can’t get the Training Manager tool to work. Is anyone else having issues with it?

I haven’t used it in a couple months, but it used to be in in the menu of the legacy dashboard of my.scouting under the section for my unit. All I see there now is Trained Leader Report and YPT Reports which both work. I found a thread here that indicated Training Manager can be accessed from Scoutbook so I went to my unit’s page and found My.Scouting Training Manager on the Troop Reports menu. It takes me to a legacy-style page with “my.Scouting | Training Manager” at the top and a box on the left for my unit with the options Dashboard, Add/Search, and Reports. The rest of the page is blank and the URL ends in “training-manager/error”. When I click on Add/Search or Reports I’m taken to a 403 error page that says, “You do not have access to this trail”.

I have been the Unit Training Chair for my troop for several years. When I view my profile in Scoutbook I see both Committee Member and Unit Training Chair listed under Current Troop Positions and Roles.

Is it broken for everyone? If it’s just me, who do I contact about resolving the issue?

Thanks, Mark

@MarkNoll1 - I would first suggest that you have one on the unit key 3 verify that you have been assigned the training role in my.scouting.org / organization security settings.


Training Manager is under your unit tab along with with the training reports. There is a problem that I have previously addressed. I am the training chair for 3 units and see the 3 options on two units on the third I do not show Training Manager but show the two reports. I have confirmed I am properly assigned. I haven’t jump in on this as all the leaders in this unit are dual registered in one of the others so no issue for me.


@MarkNoll1 As @Stephen_Hornak suggested, please contact one of your unit’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) and have them use the Organization Security Manager at my.scouting and redesignate you. You might need to wait 24 hours after they redesignate you. (Please be aware that the Unit Training Chair function role at my.scouting expires at the end of every charter year.)

Something else to try is using an incognito or private window in your browser.

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