Training Manager issue

Our troop has a Scoutmaster (130734397) who took his SM/ASM Fundamentals and IOLS at camp in the summer of 2021. In reviewing the Training Report, the completion doesn’t show. Our council Program Director said that I could input it. I went into Training Manager and input both these, and yet they didn’t show five days later. My member ID is 6682051. Is my access wrong, or is there a system problem, or some other issue? I notice the “Trained” emblem no longer appears next to adult names in Scoutbook.

I re-input it today 9/4/22.

As far as I know, Unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, plus Unit Training Chair can enter training using Training Manager, except for themselves.

What positions show for you in my.scouting?

I’m the COR. And Unit Advancement Coordinator.

I did not get an error message when I made the entries in Training Manager. It seemed to accept the entries.

I see the trainings dated 7/5/21 and 7/8/21

Good. I will run the Trained leader Report again in a few days. The CSV file I generated today did NOT show his training. Thank you for checking.

Steve Hanson