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Issue with ScoutBook forums

It appears that the custom CSS for these forums is not playing nice with the new releases of the Safari web browser. It is causing the reply button to disappear in the web browser on desktop, mobile browser and even in the Discourse iOS app(I posted on the Discourse forum to report that the reply button was disappearing and the overwhelming response was that it was the forum’s [this ones’s] custom CSS that was causing the aberrant behavior). It might be something to look into before the newest release of Safari is updated for the masses this Fall in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and MacOS Big Sur and there are multiple people asking where the reply button went.

Thanks Zachary,

I have passed this on to the developer responsible for the Discourse customizations.

For what it’s worth, I’m on Firefox now and it works fine. If they need screen grabs, happy to oblige.

I’ve been having the same issues with Chrome on Windows lately. Reply button is intermittent, Solution button is missing…

I think the solution button isn’t supposed to be there unless you are the OP (original poster) or a Mod / Admin.

That’s inconsistent with what I’ve seen in the past, tho…


The information from Discourse on the Solution plugin is that it allows the topic owner or staff (moderators and admins) to mark the solution. If you saw other behavior it may have been a bug that was fixed by the Discourse team.

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@edavignon I just marked your comment as a solution. I am not the original poster nor a moderator or staffer.

If it’s a bug, it ain’t fixed.

Update: Since my original response, I’ve checked three or four other threads, and can mark any of the comments in them as solutions…

It may be limited to folks at the “Leader” and above trust level. I can’t see the “Solution” option unless I’m the OP.

But it’s been intermittent for me over the past several weeks/months (time seems to blur amidst the coronapocalypse)…

Fair point, @SteveCagigas.

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