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Disappearing Reply button

I keep having the Reply button disappear in the Forums. I go to click on it, and it turns into a Solutions check box. I’m using Chrome.
Sounds like this was a known problem last month, but maybe believed to be fixed?


You should not see a reply button on a closed topic which will have a padlock icon. Is the reply button disappearing from open topics (no padlock icon) too?

I’m having a similar issue on various threads under Firefox, but just assumed it was a local machine issue.

ETA: Good grief. Auto-mistake really helped out on that post.

Ya know I have seen that disappearing reply button on some threads but not others… I will now need to note when it resurfaces.

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It wasn’t a locked thread and doesn’t seem thread-specific at all. One time it was in a thread I had just replied to a few minutes earlier. At least once the reply button was right there until I moved my cursor over it! Unfortunately, it didn’t return when I moved the cursor away.

Thanks for the update. Because my account is a moderator, I cannot see this issue. I’ll ask the developers to look into it.

It happens to me frequently; and I haven’t been able to see any pattern to it. Sometimes the reply button pops up as expected, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes scrolling up and down restores it; sometimes it doesn’t… that’s on both Chrome 80.0.3987.122 and Firefox Portable 80.0.1

Thanks Steve. I have reported it to the developer.

I thought, at one point, that I was “in the penalty box” for my responses! I was like “oh well, I guess they made me read only, I didn’t think I was really un-Scoutlike, but someone must have.” I was glad to see it return to me at some point!

I have been told in the Discourse app forums that it may be a result of the custom CSS used on our forum. Hopefully, the developers will be able to figure it out. Also while they are at it, maybe they can look into the Scout logo covering the reply field in the iOS Discourse app.

That goes away for me when I click the X on the red banner.

On mine, there is no red banner on the reply screen.

ETA: it’s the same even if I click away the red banner on the main screen.

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Right. You may have to click it on the root Scouting Forums page or scroll to the top before clicking reply.

That hasn’t worked for me.

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Just had the invisible reply

Well, that comment did sort of call for a “stop and think about whether you’re replying in a scoutlike way” time out.
Maybe the forums have figured out a way to save us from ourselves?

@ChristyDryden -you may be on to something there. I did actually think that was happening.

Check your browser extensions/add-ons and turn off Adobe Acrobat. I had the same problem a while back and that was the issue.

I have LastPass, Adblock Plus, Currently, and Feature Assistant Extension in Chrome; only LastPass, ABP, and Feature Assistant Extension in FF Portable.

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You might just need to try to disable all extensions and see if that fixes the problem. I actually just turned Adobe back on and the button did not disappear again, but it was definitely the problem a few months ago.