"New Topic" button not working correctly

I’m having the exact issue described here: "New Topic" button working incorrectly

When I click “+ New Topic”, nothing happens. But when I click on a topic, the “Create a new Topic” dialog opens.

This is happening on Safari and Firefox on macOS, and Safari on iPad.

Yeah, a lot of us see it from time to time, and not just on macOS/iOS. It’s more problematic (for me at least) on mobile devices, since clicking around and opening stuff in new tabs isn’t quite as easy as on desktops. I don’t know what priority (if any) the IT folks are likely to put on the issue, though, since the work-around is (reasonably) easy once you know about it.

And this is a discourse issue NOT a scoutbook issue

Unfortunately, there isn’t a category listed for “other BSA software/platforms used”, so folks tend to post where they think the issue will get attention. :^)


Without category header banners posting in wrong category will continue to be an issue.

Functional categories might be better. For example, there are at least 4 software components and/or tools used for member registration, unit rosters, unit chartering and rechartering.


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So where should I post about this? There’s no “meta” forum that I can see. This isn’t happening on my other Discourse forums, so asking Discourse won’t help; it’s an issue with how this Discourse forum is set up.

This is as good a place as any to report it. The real challenge is that we don’t have a direct path to get it fixed since the forums are a 3rd party application.

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Yeah… it has been a hit or miss thing but if i migrate to a top level i can get to add button… but response is slow at times

Software being used

It may help if software versions being used are included in bug reports.

Discourse About Information


Discourse supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Additionally, we aim to support Safari on iOS 12.5+ until January 2023 (Discourse 3.0).


I’ll go look, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Is this not happening for others on the same platforms?

It’s not a problem with Discourse per se. I use Discourse in other forums with no problems.

Total guess: they haven’t updated it since we first moved to it. Known bug long ago fixed. Maybe I’m jaded?

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