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Scoutbook Not Operating

Is anyone else having trouble getting into Scoutbook and using it… I am trying to run reports but getting time out errors. dId not know if they where doing maintenance or something.

I am an avid users so its a system issues not a newbie issue LOL

Dev is looking at reports now - we are seeing issues across the platform

Ok thanks for the update… Will they send notice when its fixed

SUAC will try to post to forums

Seems to be working now for me. My only complaint is the recent change to require that stupid recaptcha every time I log in now.


The recaptcha in Scoutbook has 2 pieces. First, recaptcha v3 is used to determine if it believes you are a human or not. If the threshold is not met, recaptcha v2 is used to challenge the user. This first displays the I’m not a robot check box. If that is satisfied you are not a robot, you will get the login button, if not, you get a window where you have to identify objects. The decision to display the picture window or not is completely out of Scoutbook control.

I get the I’m not a robot about 50% of the time. When that happens, I get the picture window about 25% of the time.

Weird, I’ve been getting the pictures 100% of the time for the past several weeks.

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I’m with Steve. I’ve been getting reCaptcha 100% of the time (and it’s mostly the pictures) and this is with logins several times a week (not daily, but often). I use only iOS/Mac devices (so safari), so I wonder if it has something to do with the safari browser and reCaptcha?

I use all browsers and Rarely get the reCaptcha

They bzzt must be on clank to me…

Don’t know what the problem is but I will send over a can of oil!

Thank clank you. I won’t forget bzzt this when the whrrr robot revolution happens.

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