Issue with Scoutbook user profile now in internet advancement?


It is only displayed if someone adds it via Edit Profile, the same as with Scoutbook. It does not put from Lodgemaster.

And if your Council staff doesn’t care or thinks it isn’t worth their time?

Then you have to work through the SUAC in the forums.

I have noticed an apparent inconsistency in how OA is being displayed.

Looking at my own profile, I see the OA honer level (Ordeal/Brotherhood/Vigil) below my name and BSA ID in the upper left corner. That seems like the intended behavior.

However, looking at my son’s profile, I don’t see it displayed there. The only place I see OA information is in the Scout’s Info editing interface. Is that difference intentional? I see the same behavior whether I access it in my Unit Key 3 Delegate, ASM, or Parent roles under the fleur de lis icon.

Same here. It is not displayed on my daughter’s overview.

Another odd thing is the edit person info. It puts a blue info circle next to the preferred name. When hovering over it, it gives more info, ok.

Then just 2 lines below they have the blue info circle. No info when hovering over it and it says to contact council. To me, that is inconsistent. It seems to imply you have to contact council to edit the preferred name. I’d put some other icon next to the “Please contact your local council”.

OA v.s. Scoutbook

Are you discussing an Order of the Arrow database or Scoutbook?


Scoutbook. Well, the profile information as displayed via the IA2 interface, if I’m going to be precise. Wasn’t that what everyone else was talking about? @CharlesOlson posted about issues with the OA information display. @edavignon responded to him, and I responded to Ed. (At least I think I did…)

I take LodgeMaster issues up with their group directly. It’s not (to my knowledge) supported via these discussion groups. It also, again to my knowledge, does not feed information into the Scoutbook/IA2 database (or whatever membership info database is actually storing the data that’s now being displayed in the Scoutbook/IA2 profile interfaces).


Two different purposes. The profile view you see for your son is so you can edit his profile. The profile view you see for yourself is more general as it is your data.

If you look at the profile for anyone other than yourself, us should look similar to what you see for your son.

So is the design intent for IA2 profiles that there’s only a text display (in the Scout’s Info editing interface) of whether an individual is in the OA or not, unless that scout logs in themselves? Or are non-leader parents also expected to see the “pretty” view?

I’m just trying to sort out what we should be expecting to see. It seems like, unless I’m entering the editing interface, the displays should all be essentially the same for all youth or for all adults (assuming one has access to view them at all), in the way that the non-editing view for Scoutbook is basically the same for scouts and scouters. The lack of a published design-intent document makes it a bit hard to figure out if what’s being seen is a bug or a design feature that the viewer just dislikes. :^)

I was only discussing how Scoutbook/IA2 displays OA information that is manually added/updated to an individual profile by the unit. There is NO interface/data exchange with Lodgemaster.

Charles Olson

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These problems are why a large number of Troops still use TrooMaster for their primary data base , and just provide advancement information to the Council.

I have to concur with the responses above. The move to IA has been slowly removing capabilities of Scoutbook and making it several orders of magnitude more difficult to track and update information for my units!

  1. We no longer have the ability to update information for adult leaders in the unit. As an OA unit advisor in a Missouri unit that is heavily involved in Mic-O-Say with our Summer Camp I have been actively trying to get OA specific info updated where i can. I can no longer do this, nor can I add basic information for my leaders when they request it.
  2. Before Activity logs were moved to IA, I used the feature assistant plug-in to automatically update activity logs for all members of the unit based on calendar events. When the logs moved to IA this broke. Please put in the ability to update this from the calendar events. You could put fields in the calendar event where we could enter values of Nights Camping, Miles Hiked, and Hours of Service. Then when we go back and mark attendance in the event these values update the individual’s activity logs when attendance is saved. This simple solution would have thousand of hours across sctoutbook users. I know for my unit right now I dont have the time to go in to each scout’s profile in IA and create an event to track activity. The way it is now, I don’t have visibility to create these for any leaders any more.

It is REALLY frustrating that the great tool that was Scoutbook continues to lose functionality. These changes are making it much more difficult to track basic information to the point that it just won’t get tracked at all.

Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates as listed in can edit the profile of adults in a unit.

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