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Scout showing up in Scoutbook, can enter advancement there, but not Internet Adancement

Hi, i’ve asked my council for help, they are not able to assist, and i’ve emailed this issue in before but still can’t get help. Trying here. I have a scout who is in scoutbook and we can add advancement for him there and he shows up in Internet Advancement but i get the error message that I cannot view his profile. I’m the committee chair. Help?

@BRIANCOLTON - is that scout on the roster at my.scouting.org ?

also to note he is registered, and i have the correct BSA ID showing up in all places.

yes he is on the my.scouting roster … he shows up there

does he show on IA roster? is it just when you go to him his profile will not load?

one more note that it’s not just me having this issue, also our advancement chair is having it as well for this same scout. something unique to him so far, all other scouts seem ok.

he does show on IA roster, when i click on him i get the error message you see above.

and if you are using Scoutbook anyway not sure why it matters

it matters because we use IA for advancement, that’s what my unit advancement chair is comfortable using, i had to put his last rank (scout) thru using scoutbook because that’s the only way it worked. just seems a problem that should be fixable as long as BSA continues to offer IA.

send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with all the details - you will get a response back with a number (SSD-#####) - post that here when you do and I will direct it to the correct team members

@BRIANCOLTON - on the scoutbook side, everything is functional for that scout ? Membership and connections are good.

Donovan, thanks, I had sent in a request a while ago ( HD-305934 but received no response and no assignment of the issue. does that help?

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looks like it - from what i can tell

@BRIANCOLTON - we could try a screen share to check a few things if that seems like something you wish to try. If so email sjhjr@comcast.net and we can give it a shot.

thanks Stephen, will be emailing you shortly!

there is a note in the Jira thread that the scout has 2 address in profile - I pointed out to the dev team working it (that for whatever reason has not commented to you) that 2 address often causes issues

@BRIANCOLTON - the one spot we had not look ed at was member manager and the person info that is there. Check the youth roster for a secondary address. We had not looked at the profile address in scoutbook either. But there is usually only one address data set there.

yeah not sure if you can see the second address - cannot recall

In edit mode additional addresses can be added

Thank you both for your help! There was in fact some info in the secondary address in my.scouting (basically it was the same address, duplicated. i removed it, logged out - maybe we’ll see if during a sync, anything changes, so far, same problem. but i know sometimes it takes time to sync. i’ll keep you posted!