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Issues with New Member Coordinator Course

I am having a problem when I take the New Member Coordinator Course. It shows that overall I am 95% complete with the course and shows that I am 90% complete with the Elements of the Job portion of the course. I have watched each of the three portions twice and have watched two of the portions three times. I have completed the Welcome module. What am I missing that it does not allow me to complete the course? Any help would be appreciated.

Are you taking both courses at the same time?

SCO_536 Elements of the Job is a 30 minute course. I wonder if there might be a time-out issue

@RickHillenbrand What do you think?

I don’t know… ScoutingU folks said they will get back to me in the morning.

I have tested the Learning Plan and had no issues in receiving a 100% completion. It might be several things that need to be checked:

  1. What browser is being used? Chrome is best. Edge should work as well.
  2. Are pop-ups enabled?
  3. Was the Learning Plan enroll button selected to enroll in the learning plan?

If none of these solve the problem please let us know - we will need your e-mail address and/or member ID to give course credit for worse case scenario.

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Hi Timothy,

I have only used Chrome as my browser for this course. My pop-ups are not blocked and I am enrolled in the course. I received a message saying thank you for exiting the content. You may now navigate away from this content but the only thing I can do is use the back arrow to return to new member coordinator details. Also, I clicked on the little arrows which opened to show check marks when completed but it does not record the second piece for me. I have included one picture for your reference. If needed I have another photo. My email is dcstrunk@gmail.com and my ID is 137110703.

Thanks for your help with this.


Hello, did you ever get a solution to this issue? I to have the same issue. First took the course 4-5 months ago and thought to give it some time. Just retook all 3 options and got the same, click here to close this course at the end of the videos. Still showing 50% complete.


It can sometimes take a bit before an update shows up. Check back tomorrow and see if it has updated. If not, provided your email address & member ID and we will get someone to update for you.

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I never did get this issue resolved and it still shows that this course is not completed at this time for me. The Scoutmaster is beginning to doubt that I took this course even though I have done this whole thing multiple times it still is not showing completed. Hopefully you will have better luck with a response.

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I’ll let you know if I get anywhere!

I’m having the same issue. I completed the training multiple times on different computers/browsers. It shows I am 90% complete with the Elements of the Job portion of the course (I have done all three modules multiple times.)

I emailed through my.scouting.org on July 14 and received a message that “Member Care Contact center will no longer be able to support volunteers”.

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David –

As you have restarted a module, I suggest to finish that first. After 24 hours if it does not show as complete in your list of completed training on My.Scouting (not in the Training Management system) then let me know and I will send you a private message to get information I need to send to someone to get it fixed.

BTW - your Council has professionals whose job it is to help you get answers when you have technology issues.

Ronald, can you sen me a DM to send over my ID and Email?

A unit Key 3 or council can enter the training for you (you can not do it for yourself - a Scout is trustworthy but BSA does not think Scouters are)


A ticket has been opened.

@AndrewMickelson your training record has been updated.

There is an issue with the LMS not marking completions. It is being worked on now.

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