not applying credit for training

*1) Hardware: Desktop
*2) Operating system: Windows 10
*3) Browser Firefox
*4) Browser cache has been cleared
*5) Member ID 135449665/Evangeline Council (212)

Course Code SCO_486 on my learning plan for Merit Badge Counselor is not correctly crediting the completion. I have taken the course multiple times across multiple platforms and on the “My-Training/Requirements” page it is not showing complete. When you go to My-Learning, it shows completion is 100% and if you go to re-take the course before you even start it shows progress at 100%.

This incomplete status is being pushed through to the training reports from the unit all the way up through the district to the council training report.

Can someone assist with getting this properly checked off in the system so that the training for Merit Badge Counselor will show as 100% position trained (for that position) on all these reports?

Thank you!

After seeing your post, I just retook SCO_486 (What is a Merit Badge Counselor), and it recorded for me.

Have you tried taking the course with the Chrome or Edge browsers? They are the recommended browsers for BSA training:

How are you getting to the course (what path are you taking)?

I went and retook in Chrome. After the 3rd time it took and the training is now showing correctly.